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 Lucell The Kiss is a masterpiece of an early modern period painted by the acclaimed Austrian Symbolist Gustav  Klimt


 Available in 2 Models:

 1- LU-1000BP1

 Outside (mm): 660(H)x502(W)x501(D)

 Inside(mm): 425(H)x344(W)x320(D)

 Weight: 110kg

 Tray: No /Shelf: Yes



 Outside (mm): 877(H)x502(W)x501(D)

 Inside(mm): 642(H)x344(W)x320(D)

 Weight: 145kg

 Tray: Yes /Shelf: Yes




 Superior Design:

 This priceless collection will definitely highlight your interior decor.  It will fit anywhere in your home.


 Excellent Fire Resistant Properties:

 Lucell holds numerous global quality certificates such as the KS, JIS, SP, and UL.  Maintains an internal  temperature of below 150 degrees even at an exposure of 1010 degrees for over one hour.


 Enhanced Security:

 -No holes on the front panel of the door and glass-relocker located to protect the locking devices

 -Separated locking system and door prevents door opening when under electric shock or physical attack

 -Inside hinges prevent cutting from outside

 -Bigger bolt(25mm) inside the door, steel plate added on right and left sides against external attacks

 -Reinforced iron plate prevents deformation of bolt holes

 -Bolt assistant against external attacks


 High-end Soft Touch Button 

 Convenient and more secure soft button will keep your valuables safely. It will be activated only when you push  the button.


 Upgraded Feature

 Fingerprint or Pin Code Activated Door Lock